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Reducing CO2 emissions in the PM industry: A lifecycle analysis of servo-electric versus hydraulic powder presses

There is a global need for action to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and,thus, limit further global warming. Despite its reputation as a technology which is already greener than most, this also holds true in the Powder Metallurgy industry. In recent years, PM companies have found themselves under increasing pressure to the full Powder Metallurgy Review article here.

Once again THE Pioneer in the world of powder compacting

The:ONE - Smart Cells by Osterwalder

Finally there is a fully integrated press cell from one manufacturer. Press and automation combined.Follow us for further details...

Discover more details about our innovative Smart Press Cell in the current issue of Powder Metallurgy Review: Powder Metallurgy Review Autumn/Fall 2020

Connecting the world of machinery - with umati

Connectivity is key for all machinery in the 21st century. It means getting data in and out of devices and software systems.  

For the benefit of users of machinery, and the machine building industries themselves, umati is the universal machine technology interface for the promotion and adoption of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA. umati facilitates the data exchange between machines, components and installations and their integration into customer- and user-specific IT ecosystems – easily, seamlessly and securely.

An initiative to exploit new potentials for the production of the future – worldwide. We at Osterwalder support this development with OPC UA interfaces for umati.

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Discover the brand-new Osterwalder Press!


Based on our worldwide feedback and knowledge we developed this new press generation.
With a clear focus on our partners requirements, expertise and important environmental and health regulations.
The SP 80 represents the most profitable electric powder compacting press for the production of ISO inserts and similar parts requiring press forces up to 80 kN.

If you want to increase your production capacity or replace older presses, the SP80 is the most attractive solution in the market.

The performance of our clients, producing high quality parts in combination with unmatched cost structure is our approach, our target.

You want further information about our new SP 80? Please let us know and click here.

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