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Apart from tungsten carbide and metal powder, there is a large diversity of powder applications, Osterwalder presses are predesignated for. Some samples as follows:

Magnetic Powder

Magnetic materials are used in a wide variety of type and form, in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, in the electrical and electronics industry and in medical technology.

Application fields:

  • segment magnets
  • magnet cores from rare earths
  • ferrit cores

Ceramic Powder

Modern ceramic materials are utilized in the automotive industry, in appliance engineering and in mechanical engineering, as well as the electric and electronics industries and in medical technology.

Application fields:

  • Ceramic structural and wear-resistant parts, sliding rings
  • Battery electrodes for medical engineering
  • Sealing washers and adjustment pulleys
  • Ceramic battery separators
  • Electronic components, contacts, carbon brushes
  • Lighting elements
  • Dental industry
  • Catalyst bodies and packings for the chemical industry
  • Refractory ceramics for the steel and mining industry
  • Ceramic grinding bodies
  • Hip, knee and shoulder joints

Before mentioned applications are not limited. Beyond that, our customers compact other materials e.g. plastics and further more. Feel free to contact us regarding your specific application case.

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