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The first and unique electric 2000 kN multilevel powder press

The OPP 2000 is the forerunner of a product family with a press force between 1,000 and 5,000 kN.
So far, presses for such high forces were only available with hydraulic or mechanical drives.

The OPP 2000 sets a new benchmark for operational efficiency:

    80% savings in energy consumption
    98% availability - thereby increasing productivity
    Optimized net-shape performance, this saves secondary post-processing
    Infrastructure savings - no pit necessary
    Elimination of the external adapter and its expensive infrastructure
    higher availability by reducing maintenance

Hydraulic drives also have technical disadvantages, partly due to long start-up times and fluctuations in press operation, which affect availability, but also process accuracy and repeatability.

F.A.S.T. on board!

The OPP 2000 is equipped with the patent-pending mounting system for tools (F.A.S.T.), which enables a previously unknown, quick exchange of tools. The multi-levels always remain installed in the press, while the tools are held in interchangeable devices that are very compact and can be transported and stored in a frame. The tools are therefore always at hand for changes in production.

Thanks to a new type of architecture for the guides, high press forces can be applied to each individual axis. While previous electric presses offered a limited counterforce, with the OPP 2000 both the top and bottom plates of the press can be loaded with maximum pressing force. The motor wedge system also offers a large adjustment option that maximizes flexibility.

Details of the OPP press series