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HM Electric powder press

The multi-platen press HM Electric is the evolution of the revolution SP Electric. It combines highest functionality and technology specialties with a highest operational standard in productivity.

This press is made for your demands - for the day after tomorrow.

Additional press-active axes are significantly preciser than commonly used standard. They allow an exquisitely precise compaction and pressure release. Resulting in a total elimination of mechanical deformations in the HM press.

An increase in homogeneous density allocation and process accuracy.

The HM press offers a unrivalled versatility and allows also the production of single level parts. The utilization of quick-clamping and referencing systems in combination with cross axes and multi-platen technology will enable customers to meet unexpected parts requirements.


  • Servo-electrical cross pressing
  • Turning device for manufacturing of inside threads, heli coils, and helical gears
  • Multifilling „MATRIX“, Contour-forming and varying powder layer application

Specifications and Options of CA-HM Electric Series