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38 Million Strokes. Working Horse.

Unbelievable 38 million strokes and more have KPP presses reached in 24/7 customer productions. Reliability is not only a word, our KPP presses are showing it as a working horse every day, for years and years.

Stroke rates of KPP presses against standard hydraulic presses are unrivalled. This is benchmark.

Low CAPEX and OPEX guarantee the customer a very fast amortisation / ROI. Maintenance is nearly a foreign word and complex multi-level parts can be produced on highest output.

Low operation costs
A hybrid press as our KPP has always a significant higher productivity than any CNC hydraulic powder press. Moreover, a KPP requires lower energy consumption because of the mechanical movement of the upper ram and the reduced hydraulic unit. Lower water consumption because of the smaller hydraulic unit. Lower hydraulic oil and filter consumption. All that leads to higher productivity.

Reliability – low maintenance costs
The KPP presses have been in production for 15 years demonstrating the proven reliability of this system.  Due to the overall design of the press as well as the rigid design of the upper drive, minimal maintenance is required.
The upper cylinder of a CNC hydraulic press requires planned and unplanned maintenance interventions (leakages and seal replacements).
As a result of the force transmitted via connecting rods the machine base frame is not influenced by the strains of the pressing force.

Closed-loop process, hydraulic multifunctional top punch hold-down
The closed-loop controlled hold down device integrated into the upper ram fulfils the following very important functions:

  • Linearly programmable powder transfer
  • Speeds can be freely preselected
  • Easily programmable entry of the top tools into the die
  • Extended top punch hold down without decrease in stroke rate
  • Support with the set-up of tools

Long-living, precise multi-plate adapter
Mechanical, motor-driven adjustable stops ensure a security and compactness which is unique. The rigid Osterwalder concept brings an excellent repeatability. The adapter configuration is selectable and offers up to 4 upper and 4 lower controlled additional axes.

Specifications and Options of KPP Series