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The first and only electric 2000 kN powder press

The SP 2000 is the consistent further implementation of our vision of servo-elctrical powder presses. Based on the sucess of our OPP 2000, launched in 2018, we strive to continue this development.

The SP 2000 will lead to a new benchmark in operational efficiency by providing:

  • 80% saving in energy consumption
  • Gain in productivity with 98% uptime
  • Increased net-shape performance that saves on secondary operations
  • Higher Uptime due to less maintenance

The servo-eletric drive brings a cost reduction of up to 80% on energy consumption. Hydraulic drives have disadvantages, including long start-up times and variations in press operation, which impact process precision and repeatability. This type of drive also has a higher rate of ageing, leading to leakages with the potential to contaminate the tool room and production parts. S

The switch to an electric drive will improve the precision, repeatability and accuracy of the production process, making it possible for presses to meet customers’ requirements for more complex geometries and net shape parts. Reject Part Rates will be optimised as well.