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Added Value. Through professional Development.

Technology leadership

Osterwalder is leading the powder compaction technology. We are dedicated to increasing this status continuously. We develop our processes and presses constantly. With the clear target, to supply the best presses, process, the best all-in-package to our customers. For an optimal production.

Machine productivity, Yield and Cost of Ownership are the driver in production. Hence, we evolve concepts for future press generations and inserts.

Knowhow Transfer - Symbiosis

A professional development is the essential activity of all enterprises. We want our partners, our clients to take part in this development and want an open-minded, constructive dialog.
Only in a partnership-base symbiosis with our customers which operate our presses in a 24/7 high production level, we are empowered to enhance ourselves, the products and processes.

We seek this active dialog with our customers, the operators of our presses. Yes, we can technology solutions - not only standards.