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Know-how. Added-value through professional training.

In our technology center, our clients and staff find a practical and concentrated facility for further development and deployment. Dedicated for R&D or exclusive press and process tests. A vital, open-minded dialog between customers, partners and staff can take place, without obstacles.

Our training empowers your operators in process optimisation, rising your uptime and reducing production cost. Achieve your personal competitive edge through focussed training, specialized for your specific requirements.

Choose and configure your best practice package out of various options as follows.

Powder Technology 01 Basics
- Basics of powder technology
- Basic knowledge for the operation of Osterwalder powder presses
- Setup of the pressing tool
- Pressing of a compacts

Powder Technology 02 Advanced
- Advanced knowledge for the operation of Osterwalder powder presses
- Elimination of compact defects and motion optimization

Powder Technology 03 Expert
- Self-dependent start-up of new compacts
- Process optimization
- Error analysis and implementing of corrective actions
- Improvement of press productivity

Powder Technology 04 Customized
- Advanced knowledge of specific Objective: applications and press functions
- Custom-designed process optimization
- Special processes and special procedures as well as application of special accessories

Maintenance Training 01
- Basic knowledge related to function and operation of Osterwalder powder presses
- Independent execution of preventive maintenance work
- Support 2000-h and 6000-h maintenance                               
- Basic error analysis

Each participant receives a certificate after successful training session.